The Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System

The Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System is for those who cannot naturally achieve an erection or those whose who can achieve only a partial erection. The patented vacuum therapy system allows a man to create a firm, natural erection.

Finally available without a prescription, the Rejoyn Vacuum TherapySystem... A Safe Treatment

Vacuum therapy is one of the most poular non-invasive treatments for impotence. Physicians have prescribed thousands of our systems for patients who prefer a safe and effective alternative to injectios, urethral suppositiories and implants. Now, the Rejoyn VacuumTherapy System is available without a prescription.

The Rejoyn System is easy to use

Rejoyn's one-piece pump design, combining the patented push-pull pump and vacuum cylinder, makes it simple to operate. Rejoyn is designed to be easier to use than other manual vacuum systems (which include hand pumps, hoses, and vacuum cylinders) that require the man to hold the pump in one hand and the vacuum cylinder in the other. The Rejoyn system will help you quickly achieve a full, natural erection.

The pump design used by the Rejoyn system was rated #1 in an industry study.*

*In a recent study of the major vacuum pump manufacturers conducted by a leading men's heath publication, the pump design used by the Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System was rated #1.

Here's what they said about the system, "(the) ease of pumping and a hiqh quality vacuum make this handy system our overall favorite." It's no wonder why so many couples are turning to Rejoyn.

Thousands of couples use vacuum therapy

The Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System was developed with the help of a board certified urologist. This pump design has been used for over six (6) years by couples who were experiencing problems. The satisfaction rate among users is over 98%.

A Safe, Effective, Simple, Treatment for Impotence

Automatic safety valve limiter monitors vacuum pressure ­ releases automatically when full. Simple, Compact, one-piece pump System

Patented Push-Pull Vacuum Pump

Only Rejoyn uses Push-Pull vacuum pump technology to generate positive vacuum pressure when you push and pull the pump handle. Within 4 to 5 strokes you can achieve a full erection. Rejoyn's design makes it comfortable to pump, and is easier to operate than hand squeeze pumps.

Compact Design

Rejoyn is a one-piece unit, combining our patented pump and vacuum cylinder, Rejoyn is unlike other manual vacuum systems that include hand pumps, hoses and vacuum cylinders. Rejoyn's compact design makes it convenient to store.

Comfortable, Support Rings

The special elastomer support rings are clinically designed to effectively maintain an erection while being comfortable to wear. The Rejoyn System includes 4 different sized support rings ensuring you a precise fit.


Loading cone provides easy transfer of constriction ring onto vacuum cylinder. Soft-side storage case makes traveling easy.

One Year Limited Warranty

Your Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System is warranted for one (1) year, constriction rings are warranted for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase against all defects in materials and workmanship. American MedTech will repair or replace it, at our option, free of charge. The full specific terms of the warranty and the details regarding your specific legal rights, which vary from state to state, are explained in the Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System Use and Care Manual.


Made of durable shatter resistant lexan and ABS plastic


1 Vacuum Therapy device, 1 loading cone, 4 different sized support rings and 1 soft-side storage case

Made in the USA.

Medicare Assignment Accepted with Prescription!

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