Georgetown Health Care Center provides oxygen concentrators (new and used), bottled oxygen, CPAP, BiPAP, Pulmo-Aides, compounded inhalation medications, peak flow meters, supplies and repair. We bill Medicare and other insurance. Our concentrator repair technicians are manufacturer certified. Additionally, we provide disease state management with our Asthma Management Program.

Partial list of manufacturers:

For improved comfort of CPAP & BiPAP masks
see us for the Respironics' GOLDSEAL masks.

One of the newer features available on some CPAP and BiPAP systems is a built in memory storeage of patient usage and therapy. This feature is available on Respironics' Great Performers systems. The Respironics Encore Data Management Software is a valuable tool for managing data from Respironics' Great Performers CPAP and bi-level systems and is available at Georgetown Pharmacy / Georgetown Health Care Center. With the Encore Software, we can provide your physician or respiratory therapist with data regarding your usage.

To place an order or for additional information: dennis@ghccusa.com

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